Best Firefighter (Suomen Paras Palomies)

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ITV Studios Finland production Finland’s Best Firefighter is a new eventful and exciting competition and entertainment reality, where ten firefighters from all over the Finland will be tested for condition, stamina and skills. Show has been filmed in Kuopio Pelastusopisto and it is hosted by Joanna Kuvaja.

Showy, physically hard and demanding competition problems take the firefighters to their limits. Their muscles, strength and durability are not always enough, they also need nerve and perception. There will be smoke, fire, sweat and facing their fears.

The firefighters compete in individual sports and in two teams that change in every show, the show’s purpose is to find out who is the hero of heroes. In every episode the firefighters participate and collect points in physically and mentally challenging and one after another more difficult competition problems. The two firefighters that collected least amount of points from individual tasks from the team that came second will meet in a duel; the losing firefighter will leave the competition.

Outside the competition the viewers will get to know interesting persons and personalities under the firefighter uniform. In the show they make friends, laugh and share touching and funny stories from their careers and lives.

This fast-paced, exciting and compelling tv-show honors those women and men who will save us from flames and put their lives in jeopardy every day for others.

During these ten episodes, triumphs, bitter disappointments and after many surprises we will find out which one of these supermen is the Finland’s Best Firefighter!