The Story of My Life (Meidän Tarina)

The Story of My Life (Meidän Tarina)
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Steered by the hostess Jenni Pääskysaari ‘Story of My Life’ is a talk show where celebrity couples travel into their future. In every episode a couple known from publicity is talking about their lives, what it is now and then they imagine what their lives could be after 20-30 years and finally what it could be around 90 years old, at their twilight years. They don’t just imagine, the couple experiences two transformations during the show when a team of makeup and costume artists, made of top professionals, make them look older.

The celebrities don't see themselves during the transformations, and meet their aged partners only in front of the cameras. How does it feel to see your aged loved one? What about your own reaction when you see the older you? How has their life together evolved? Do they possibly have children or grandchildren? What has happened to their careers?

When the first emotions caused by the first transformation have calmed down the celebrities will meet again as 90 year old senior citizens. Has life treated them well? Do they have any last thoughts or words? What do they wish to be remembered of?

‘Story of My Life’ is a new fun and touching talk show where the lives of the celebrities will be examined in a totally new way. Skillfully placed and carefully thought questions reveal the couple’s life from present time to the old age. What have been the strengths and pains that have carried their lives through the years? Have they achieved their dreams together or by themselves. This a unique window for the celebrities and the viewers to take a peek into the future.