This Time Next Year (Tähän Aikaan Ensi Vuonna)

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Tv show hostess Ellen Jokikunnas meets in the studio regular Finns that have a dream about something big and have decided that after a year they have achieved their dreams. One of them wants to find love, another one wants to skate after a brain injury, third one is going to lose 40 kg of body weight, one of them wants to fulfill her lifetime dream of a child of her own, one of them wants to write a novel.

The juicy idea in the show is that the progress that happened during a year will be seen in a blink of an eye.

This Time Next Year begins with a studio interview that was filmed a year earlier and after the interview Ellen accompanies the person who is trying to achieve his dream through a door on the stage. Only seconds later he returns through a different door exactly to the same stage to be interviewed by Ellen again. In reality 12 months has passed and during that time the person has worked to achieve his dream but the viewers will see the fierce transformations, achievements and life changes within few seconds.

Even Ellen does not know before how the goals have been fulfilled and what kind of sacrifices they had to do to achieve their dreams. Has the goal slipped through their fingers? Was the dream after all impossible to achieve or has reaching for the goal brought surprisingly something totally new into their lives.

In every episode we will see five person’s story about reaching for happiness and about the importance of their goals. During ten episodes we will meet staggering amount of 50 Finns pursuing their dreams.