Tough Jobs (Rankat Duunit)

Tough Jobs (Rankat Duunit)
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Tough Jobs is easygoing and action filled entertainment show where Viivi Pumpanen and Tuija Pehkonen pick up different jobs around us, jobs which ordinary days we have only a faint clue.

Some of the jobs create fear, dislike and even pure disgust in the women. In order to finish some of the jobs they have to gather all their courage and exceed themselves, some jobs raise tears in their eyes.

There is a lot of different jobs done around us, some of them we do not even know that they exist. There are jobs which title we know and we believe that we know what it includes. We might even have an opinion how to do the job the best way.

What kind of a work day does a pest control have, surface savior or a high-window window cleaner? Tough Jobs tells us what kind of jobs and workers there are behind several professional titles. The episodes include for example washing the bottom of a ship in the dock, a normal work day in cattle-breeding ranch and a day with Helsinki’s last fisherman.

You can not handle these jobs unless you put yourself in hundred percent!