Viki, Köpi and Henkka - Tieteen armoilla

Viki, Köpi and Henkka - Tieteen armoilla
  • Comedy, Entertainment
  • Series

“Viki, Köpi and Henkka - Tieteen armoilla” is a Yle Areena short form series, in which two novices of science – Viki and Köpi (Ville Eerikkilä and Juuso Kallio), hosts of the YleX morning show – are thrown without warning into the world of science. Henry “Henkka” Tikkanen, the science reporter for Yle Kioski, acts as their merciless guide and challenger.

In each episode, Henkka will surprise Viki and Köpi with unusual scientific challenges, during which the pair will learn a lesson or two about science. The contents of the challenges are a closely guarded secret, so that Viki and Köpi will never know what is in store for them.

Can a kettlebell that weighs three kilograms stop a fridge that weighs fifty kilograms from crushing Viki under it? How can Köpi survive a 500 degree inferno, if a human being gets burnt at 80? Who kicks ass and who’s ass get’s kicked? How large a force can Viki’s beloved gaming console withstand before it gets crushed by a hydraulic press?

Henkka conducts the scientific tests at the expense of his friends. But as the saying goes, what goes around comes around. At the end of each episode Henkka has to endure payback – getting lit on fire by a famous finnish person.

The stunts and tests are done by professionals and are always closely monitored.