ITV Studios Announces MIPTV 2017 Formats Slate

ITV Studios Announces MIPTV 2017 Formats Slate

17th February 2017 – ITV Studios has today announced its wide range of new formats as it unveiled its slate for this year’s MIPTV at its Formats Festival 2017.

Close to 150 buyers from around the world are attending the event in central London, as producers from across the ITV Studios stable present on the various entertainment, factual entertainment and quiz formats announced.

The new inclusions, outlined below, join ITV Studios’ slate of established international formats, including I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, Hell’s Kitchen and The Chase, as well as those which continue to grow in global appeal such as Meet the Parents, recently commissioned in Germany and Finland, Big Star’s Little Star, and Keeping The Nation Alive.

Mike Beale, EVP of Global Development and Formats, ITV Studios, said: “We are offering our clients a wide variety of genres this year and are delighted to be launching them at the ITV Studios Formats Festival.

“Introducing them today means we are able to focus at MIPTV, so that once in Cannes we are able to concentrate on those titles buyers are interested in, and not spend the short time we have just talking about these new formats.”

Announced Formats

The Family Chase (Potato) – the international hit quiz format is becoming a family affair, with each episode featuring one family who will face off against The Chaser. Maintaining all of the drama of The Chase, the family edition brings a new dynamic to the format.

An Intimate new fixed rig format, The Commute (Waddell Media), gets under the skin of the daily commute. Expect sibling squabbles, road rage tantrums, teenage angst and opinions on practically anything, as cars up and down the country try to make their way to work.

In Best Firefighter (ITVS Norway), the nation’s bravest and toughest individuals go head-to-head in the search for the ultimate real-life hero. Full of death-defying challenges and nerve-wracking group tasks, this competition celebrates the men and women who put their lives on the line every day – but who will be named 'Best Firefighter'?

Game of Chefs: On The Road (Reshet) - the epic cookery battle is back, but this time the chefs are taking the competition to the streets! Travelling in their very own food trucks, three chefs are each joined by a celebrity companion and together they explore a different area of the country to find the best ingredients and plan their dishes. All three trucks then set up in a pop-up food fair, where they will compete for the votes of 60 locals who will decide each week's winning pair.

Newzoids (The Factory) - these puppets aren't for children! Newzoids is the animated satirical sketch show that pokes fun at the biggest names in political and pop culture. Featuring the signature Newzoid puppets, this is quick turn-around topical comedy with a surreal twist!

Building on the breakout 2016 success of This Time Next Year, which has sold in 14 territories to date, two brand new Twofour time-travel formats – The Home Game and Give It A Year – launch on ITV in the UK this year.

The Home Game, presented by interior designer Linda Barker, will take audiences from inspiration to renovation in an instant. Each episode features four properties and their owners with home improvement plans that could be anything from high end kitchen extensions to bedrooms on a budget. The show cuts instantly from the before shots to the final fabulous reveals. Ultimately comparing how much they spent, how much each house is now worth and who has made the most profit, will decide the winner of The Home Game.

Entrepreneurs taking on the gamble of starting their own business is the subject of Give It A Year. The series will see fledgling businesses on day one as they open the doors of their new venture. Statistically, eight out of ten businesses go bust in the first year and viewers won’t have to wait long to discover which of the start-ups is still standing. Fast forwarding straight through those first 365 days of trading, their success or failure will be disclosed right away as each owner is revisited to see how they have fared in that crucial make or break year.

Also from Twofour, comes A Night With My Ex (UK version: Unfinished Business). Each episode of this new format features different couples brought back together to confront their past, producing an honest, moving and sometimes painful portrayal of broken relationships. Will these couples involved move on and find closure or make up and rekindle lost love? Filmed over 24 hours to capture each couple’s personal journey, the viewers experience for themselves the emotional roller-coaster of the participants before, during and after the process. During their stay, the rig allows the audience into the most intimate moments in these people's lives by capturing their every move as well as everything that isn't spoken. The series is an emotional journey that is intimate, often painful but always compelling.

Music Masters (United, Denmark) is a sing-along, play-along music quiz where teams of celebrities compete across five rounds. From tricky lyrics to hilarious anecdotes, the show gets under the skin of the nation's favorite songs. And to complete the party atmosphere, all music is performed in the studio by the celebrity guests and an amazing house band. Celebrities will be seen in a new light as their knowledge and singing ability are put to the test in this star-studded entertainment quiz.

When the death of a celebrity is announced, the circumstances are inevitably surrounded by rumour and speculation. From global superstars to national treasures, Autopsy (Potato) revisits the medical evidence to determine once and for all what led up to these tragic events. Using a unique blend of interviews with family and friends, medical insight and re-enactment, this is not only an investigation of their deaths but a celebration of the extraordinary lives of a nation's biggest icons. The series has already been re-versioned in the U.S. on the Reelz channel.

In Twisted Tales (Crook), members of the public find themselves in dark and scary stories, having no idea that everything around them has been manipulated. Three short stories play out in the real world around unsuspecting individuals, with teams of actors creating a dark and twisted real-life horror film.

Sell Or Swap (Crook) is a fast paced auction show in which members of the public bring in their unwanted items in the hope of finding the perfect 'sell or swap' in the studio audience or with the audience at home.

Finally, The Nightly Show (Second Act) is an 'As Live' stripped late-night entertainment format featuring a rolling cast of hosts from the world of comedy and entertainment. Full of hilarious strands, fast-paced features, topical comedy and celebrity guests, this is a nightly dose of fun.