ITV2 Gets Tricked

ITV2 Gets Tricked

ITV2 has commissioned ITV Studios to make Tricked (6 x 60’) – a brand new magic show with a difference.

A mystery magician is about to conjure up some mischief, as unsuspecting celebrities and members of the public alike get tricked by his own special brand of hidden camera magic.

His irreverent brand of undercover magic is set to shock, amaze and astound as unwitting contributors get their world turned on its head. Whether he’s surviving being pushed off a 10 storey building by an unsuspecting celebrity, bailing out of a moving taxi then teleporting himself back into the driver’s seat, or cutting up a livid shopper’s credit card before making it reappear in a sealed bag of sweets – our secret magician’s tricks and illusions leave his victims speechless.

ITV’s Controller of Digital Channels and Acquisitions Angela Jain said: “We are hoping that by combining the joy of hidden camera with the jaw-dropping moments of close-up and large-scale magic, Tricked will deliver a different perspective to the magic show. Our magician is great and his cheeky personality is a perfect fit for ITV2”. 

Sumi Connock, Creative Director of Entertainment, ITV Studios, said: “Whether he’s going undercover to surprise a star or shocking a member of the public when they least expect it, our mischievous magician is about to make the ordinary extraordinary in Tricked!”

Tricked is made by ITV Studios for ITV2 and will broadcast on the channel in the autumn. It was commissioned by Commissioner, Entertainment Kate Maddigan. Andy Scott is the series producer and Sumi Connock is the executive producer for ITV Studios. 

ITV Studios Global Entertainment will distribute Tricked internationally as a finished programme and a format.